Anatomia Fotografica

Anatomia Fotografica
The project

The photos you are looking at are made by me.

My name is Benedini Carlo and I am a physiotherapist and osteopath.

I am a teacher and passionate student of Anatomy.

I have always cultivated a passion for photography, as a tool to reveal the beauty that is in things.

I thought of photographing the human body and giving credit to this wonderful work.

In the image and likeness of the great characters of the past, painters, sculptors and doctors, I immersed myself in the fascinating world of anatomical dissection, aware that only in that dimension would I find the resources to try to show everyone the complexity of the human body with its intrinsic beauty.

The best shots are made available to anyone who wants to make this new vision of human anantomy their own.

Anatomia Fotografica di Vergani Alessia
Via Tripoli, 69 – 20832 Desio (MB)
P.IVA 12287260967

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